falin-familyWe are a family of five that is getting ready to embark on one of our biggest adventures yet.  Over the past two years we have done some deep soul-searching and realize that we want to try something new and live our dreams.  We love to travel and experience new things and getting out of our comfort zone makes us feel alive.  We want to spend as much time as possible with the kiddos and really create amazing memories with each other.  We have a loose plan that is strongly influenced by which way the wind is blowing.   In an effort to feel alive and grow closer we decided to sell everything hit the road and chase the unknown.



The real boss of the family, Sandi was born and raised in the Big Apple, NYC. Queens to be exact. She spent her younger years rollerblading across the 59th street bridge and being obsessed with fashion and the underground club scene.  Sandi studied fashion at F.I.T., worked for a couture design house and dressed many celebrities for television. NYC was amazing but Sandi had always longed for warmer weather and at the age of 26 decided to move to Sin City where she dabbled in a few careers from cocktailing to Real Estate. In 2004 Sandi was hooked up on a blind date with Jimi by one of her best friends, Stefanie and the rest is history, she found the man of her dreams. Sandi has the nose of a blood hound and is always asking “whats that smell?”  She loves to laugh and has a warm, inviting energy that everyone is drawn to.


Trees, fresh air, lakes, rivers and being outside forever is what Jimi remembers about growing up in Washington.  Jimi spent his youth idolizing Rambo, loving Transformers and wanting to be a real life G.I. Joe.  After high school Jimi moved to Vegas with his best friend, got caught up in the LowRider Scene and built 3 show cars.  Sin City lived up to her name and had her way with Jimi but he broke free of her seductive ways.  Jimi spent his 20’s working construction before transitioning indoors to the restaurant world where he climbed the ladder with much success only to get to the top and realize it was the wrong ladder.  After doing some deep soul searching Jimi walked away from it all to take a chance on himself.  It turned out to be a pretty good gamble.  During this time Jimi met Sandi and knew she was the one.  They spent the first 4 years of their relationship traveling the country competing in triathlons and climaxing with an Iron Man in 2007 in Coeur De Lane, Idaho.  Turquoise waters have always been a passion for them so it was fitting they were married on a beach in Cozumel.  10 years later they have 3 children, a monkey in a cat suit and live in an RV!


Nixon is 8 going on 18-enough said haha Nixon was born with a huge heart that loves to see others smile.  Even as a little girl, she would always want to make special gifts for friends/family that we were going to see.  She is a perfectionist and loves to follow the rules.  Nixon definitely has a type A personality and likes to keep the fam in check especially her little brother and sister.  She loves to sing and dance and entertain everyone with her 'shows'.  When company comes over they better be ready to hear X's and O's for the next few hours!


Sky is referred to as a flower child or angelic.  Her spirit is super care-free.  Anyone that meets Sky comments on how amazing her energy is.  She is so loving and insanely fearless at the same time.  When she was a little one that just started walking she would always be doing her own thing.  Never one to follow what others were doing.  Sky loves to tell stories and is completely obsessed with looking at pics and videos of herself when she was little.   She also loves to hear everyone else's stories about their childhood, she is fascinated by them.  You can always count on Sky for a good laugh, her and Ryder are neck and neck for comic relief of the family.


This little dude is quite the gentleman and such a ladies man!  When he walks into a room he seems to grab the attention of all the women.  It's actually really funny, he loves it.  Ryder is such a sweet, snuggly little boy with such a sense of humor.  He is also the man of many faces, he can crack everyone up with one of his 'super frowns'.  His intelligence and attention to detail is ridiculous, you shake your head and realize he is only 3 years old.  Although he has not been able to master the 's' sound yet you will hear him saying there is fand at the beach instead of sand-pretty cute!  He is known for disassembling anything he can get his hands on so if you are a remote control or anything with batteries-RUN!  Thomas the Train is his obsession or any train for that matter.


Crazy blazy is what we call him!!! He is a Devon Rex from the Ukraine and thinks he is one of the kids.  This breed is definitely one of a kind.  Blaze greets our guests with a jump into their hot shoes and lots of kisses to their face.  One thing we hear over and over is ‘I don’t even like cats and I love this cat!  True story, he will win your heart with his sand paper kisses.


We have not officially named "the RV", we just call her "the RV” she is a 1999 Winnebago that has been remodeled from the floor to the headliner.  When we bought her we had no idea what we were looking for.  We found her online and flew out to South Carolina to pick her up and drove her back to Vegas.  She had an original 28,000 miles and brand new tires, we were sold.  The first year and a half we put 14,000 miles on her and gave her a new lease on life.



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