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If you would like to try somethingnew we would love to collaborate with you on your next film project.
We have explored different parts of the world and created stories that make people think outside the box. Our life mantra is to inspire people and always try somethingnew!  Do you have an idea, concept or story that needs to be told?  If so, head over to our contact page, shoot us an email and let’s get connected!




WorldTowning reached out to us after they saw the video we made for the Bumfuzzle family.  They were interested in us filming their family in France and telling their story.  After hearing what their journey had been it was a...

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Jimi had been reading Patrick's book from when they were sailing around the world a few years back, Jimi loved the way he wrote.  He checked out their website and saw they were now living in a RV full time...

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