EPIC Indian 3 Day Wedding

When we first started our film business 6 years ago, weddings was one of our niches.  Being super emotional people it was a no brainer that weddings were a good fit.  Now, I know what you’re thinking-wedding films are so cheesy BUT not anymore.  We loved the whole cinematic feel with wedding films so no cheese here!  Our business has evolved into many arenas and now weddings play a very small part however when a wedding like this comes along-YES!!!!  Indian weddings have got to be our favorite type of weddings to film, the colors, the traditions, the epicness (is that even a word) just amazing!

They are usually a 3 day extravaganza of events.  The wedding of Harleen and Pavan was one for the books.  It took place in Las Vegas at The Bellagio Hotel.  The valet was shut down so they can have the Baraat where the groom rode in on a horse.  The festivities made their way through the casino to the ballrooms.  It was a sight to be seen, it was almost as if time stopped and all attention was on this dancing party headed by a drummer beating as hard as he could.  It is hard to top and Indian wedding I tell ya!  As you can see this couple didn’t spare any expense, it was just gorgeous!  This couple has captured our hearts, they are so cool and actually just had their first little baby girl!  That is another rewarding element when being a part of a couples wedding, you see them get married and watch their family grow.  So damn sweet!

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