I Crashed the Drone

El Nido in the Philippines was the first stop in our 3 month trip to South East Asia and the first place we were going to fly the brand-new Mavic Pro we just got for the trip. We made the crazy trip to Nacpan Beach and Sandi warned me it was way to windy to fly the drone, but i didn’t listen and the rest is history. I tried to fix the Mavic Pro because it looked like the plastic on the gimbal was broken, but the wires were messed up also. We knew we wanted another one since there was so many beautiful places to film. We went to Cebu and found one of only 2 places that carry drones in the Philippines, and BOOm $1,100 later we had a new drone and were off to the next adventure, LOL. Sandi was very upset with me, but after the dust settled it is one hell of a story and won hell of a video…

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