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About Us – We are crazy family of five that decided to try something new in 2017.  In true Falin fashion we didn’t start small, our motto is go big or go home. We were so inspired after attending a Worldschooling summit that we literally came home, pulled our kids out of school, sold everything, got rid of our house and moved into our RV.  Did our family and friends think we were a little crazy Hell- Yes but when you rock a pink mohawk they already think you are a little nuts.  That was seriously the best decision we ever made, freeing ourselves of all the crap that held us down, we never realized just how much it kept us from living our dreams!!!

So what is

Well good question- we are a typical family of 5 that was living our regular life up until 2017. One day something happened- it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, profound, not like you see in the movies, nothing like that. We heard the term Worldschooling, that was it- a friend asked us if we heard of Worldschooling and we said nope- look it up she said, you might like it. That was it- that is when lightning struck- it seriously changed our lives. Did that ever happen to you? The definition of this one word was all we needed- it was our excuse to kick the regular life in the teeth and try something new. Not to sound too dramatic but it is sooo true.

what happened?

Back in 2017 we were struggling with where we were and knew some changes were needed.  All 3 of our kids were in school, Nixon and Skylar were in public and school and Ryder was 3 and in pre-school.  It SUCKED!  We never felt like we had a second to breathe.  Our film business was super busy and filming on the weekends made it difficult since that was the only time we had to actually hang with the kiddos.

As the days passed we kept thinking to ourselves, is anyone else feeling this way?  Are we the only ones that feel strangled by this daily grind that we call life?  We kept thinking about living on an island and having a super relaxed beautiful life with salt in our hair and sand between our toes, but how?  When will that ever happen for us?

Well it was like a sledge hammer hit us in the head and it finally dawned on us- if we don’t change something it would all be just a far away dream and never a reality!  Enter the convo about Worldschooling!  POOF!  It is about to get all crazy up in here!  Within about 2 months we sold pretty much everything we owned, got rid of the house, pulled our kids out of school and moved into our RV full-time!  I cannot describe the freedom that we felt, it was like the stress just melted away and we were able to take a huge deep breath and finally feel free…  IT WAS AMAZING!!!

Now we know this was pretty drastic and not the measure that most people would take but we have always been a bit off so it worked perfectly:)



One thing we know for sure is that traveling around the world with kids has been the most rewarding thing we have done as a family.  Now, yes we have our challenges, without a doubt.  Our kids are 7, 9, and 11 so the reality is that they fight and argue, push buttons, but I always say I would rather deal with all of that in a tropical location than in a house being sedentary.  There is something about turquoise water that just makes everything seem not so bad LOL no serious- it calms my soul and makes me have a stupid smile all day!

We are excited to see what the future holds for us and we can’t wait to get out there and meet more of our like-minded friends, you know who you are!

To know more about us, Check out our FAMILY TRAVEL VLOG | We Are tryNsomethingnew:)


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