Day in the life in Bali! We heard so much about Pedang Pedang beach that we had to go check it out. We are all about seeing every beach we possibly can! Always on the hunt for sand and turquoise water, this one did not disappoint. Another bonus for this beach was there was MONKEYS— are you kidding me??? There were so many of them, we were in love. While we were walking down the beach we stumbled on a little tiff between a dog and a monkey- the monkey wasn’t happy so he called in his posse and before you knew it there were about 30 new monkeys that came on the scene. We were so happy no animals got harmed that day, they all took a chill pill and enjoyed the beach. We had to trek down a pretty long flight of stairs before we hit the sand, I’m always up for some stairs-work them legs. This beach was super cool with all of these huge rocks, caves and tidal pools. If we had water shoes for the kids it would have been even better. Padang Padang beach is up there on the list of gorgeous beaches in Bali. You definitely don’t want to miss this one.