Bali Culture- Living like a local and seriously loving it! We were honored to be invited to a locals house (our friend Rai) and experience a Barong Ceremony and Bali culture! It is the Galungan holiday- they celebrate the victory of good over evil. We love diving deep into a culture and see how locals live and experience a glimpse into their daily life. That might be the most interesting thing about traveling. You really get to see how people all over the world navigate through life. No matter what their means are, life may be simple or extravagant- it all comes down to one thing-enjoying life and the journey they are on. In this video Rai shows us around her home and explains the different elements of a locals house. I think the pigs and the dog were our kids favorite lol Rai’s husband was a part of one of the groups doing the Barong ceremony, it is so enlightening to see how strong their spirituality is, it feels so different from the home. We are loving being here in this spiritual land and all of the amazing people!