We found a Bali market! It’s always a fun time when we find a market with tons of fruit and veggies. We are seriously in vegetarian heaven. Another thing that you experience is the meat side of the market. It always shocks the kids, their reactions are priceless. I think the blood on the floor freaks me out the most, my shoes always seem to be so slippery in those areas UGH A little something particularly GROSS happened to Skylar and she handled it so well! I know if it happened to me I would have screamed LOL As we always say the locals of Bali are so unbelievably warm and welcoming. We met an amazing woman that invited us to stay with her in her village, so kind. When traveling to other countries we love supporting the locals and helping whenever we can. When we go back our kids said they want to help mother nature and the other little kids with whatever they need. Love the impact that traveling has had on them and seeing that even being kids they can make a difference too!