Jimi had been reading Patrick’s book from when they were sailing around the world a few years back, Jimi loved the way he wrote.  He checked out their website and saw they were now living in a RV full time and living between the US and Mexico.  They were actually in Arizona and heading through Vegas, Jimi shot them a message and asked if they wanted to meet up since they were coming through town.  They said sure, so off to the dry lake bed we went to spend the night with them and their fam.

We were sooooooo excited to actually meet a family that was doing this, I think that broke down the mystery of this whole thing.  Just to see the daily ins and outs made it seem so easy and fun.  Actually it was a million times easier to maintain an RV than a big house with lots of rooms that were never ever clean at the same time.  If they were, it was because I hired someone to come in and do it!

While we were hanging with them we thought it would be really cool to give back to a family that has inspired us so much and make a video for them to have for their memories.  We asked Patrick if he was interested and he was down so here it is, this is a snapshot in time of the Bumfuzzle family!  We appreciate the words of wisdom Patrick shared with us that gave us the kick in the ass that we needed haha ‘Just try it, if it doesn’t work out your old life will be there waiting for you’ PRICELESS…  They are now cruising around the world again in a boat and sold this cute vintage RV you see in the video.

Happy Travels Bumfuzzles!!!!