#trynsomethingnew#KohPhangan#EpicBoatFail We love to have epic adventures and this one in Koh Phangan, Thailand is definitely on the top of our list. The day started off with a 30 min scooter ride to Haad Khom and then a 2 hour hike to Bottle Beach. We could have taken a boat over to the secluded beach but where is the fun in that. At the top of the mountain a tropical storm rolled in and changed our day. We finally made it to the beach only to find 1 of 2 boats sinking, so we jumped in to try and save the boat. After we almost lost the boat our boat showed up and the captain said, “get in”. We had a decision to make, there were 11 of us, including 7 kids so we decided to stay and not challange mother nature, we’re glad we stayed. The next morning our boat man showed up at 7:30AM and we started our journey home only to be caught in another tropical storm, but we had no choice and decided to brave the sea’s and head back to our scooters. WOW was an adventure that we will remember for a very long time…. Thanks for checking out our travel vlog, and we hope you liked it, comment and we would love to chat with you…


This is how we had imagined the day would go LOL, Mother Nature had different plans for us


We started off onHaad Khom and then a 2 hour hike to Bottle Beach


The hike started off hot and humid


the kiddos were loving the tropical jungle


then the CRAZY RAIN storm rolled in from no where and things got COLD


Once we got to Bottle Beach a boat just like ours was in need of HELP


they finally got it out of the crazy ocean and we had a decision to make, stay the night of take a boat just like this one…HHHHHMMMMMM


we decided to stay the night in this wonderful room and had an amazing time


here was the view from the room the next morning


The next morning we headed to the boat to take a 20 min ride to where we started the day before, and it started raining again NOOOOO


We made it back safe and sound and had an amazing adventure to tell and better yet an amazing video to share with everyone….. what a great experance