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A lot of people struggle with how to stay fit while traveling, here are our tips for getting the workout in no matter what! Yes it’s not always easy but when it’s a priority, you make it work. When we travel in the RV we have a weight set and accessories that we travel with. When we travel International we either find a gym, do HIIT workouts, use bands and cables, go for a run, whatever to get our pump on. There are many options, sometimes you need to get a little more creative but we always try to make it fun. Working out gives us the balance we need in our lives, traveling with 3 kids and running several businesses can get hectic so working out keeps the sanity level in check. Mental health is super important to us, we know that we are more stressed if we don’t get our energy out and focus dialed in. If you can relate to that we hope you are making time for your workout. Just in general, staying fit keeps you flexible, strong, sane and keeps that blood pumping. The best part is our kids watch us and like to join in. Our goal is to inspire them to have an active lifestyle and love being fit. It’s definitely working because all of them are super active and they all have already done several triathlons. SCORE!