We have been on the hunt for alligators since we got to Florida, there is something so intriguing about them. Myakka River State Park did not disappoint, it is home to tons of gators. We were in alligator heaven! As soon as we got into the park we spotted a bunch in the water, the crazy thing is as soon as you spot them, they are gone. The creepy eyes peering out of the water soon submerge and completely disappear. It makes us wonder exactly how many alligators are around at all times. They can stay under water for up to 36 hours so please stay away from the waters edge- you never know what is lurking only a few feet away. The wildlife was so beautiful in the park. I’m so thankful our kids love nature and the animals that live among us. Their excitement was so cute to try and find the next animal. We drove through the park until dusk to see what other animals we can find, it was like a scavenger hunt. We were going to do some geocaching but since the tropical storm, was only a few days ago a lot of the park had been flooded with water. Of course the side of the street that was flooded was the areas where the geocache finds were. I also think that’s why we didn’t see a ton of gators on the boat ride. Oh well, we made the best of it and had a great time. We had an amazing surprise at the end of the night- Space X was going to launch at around 7pm so we made sure we got home to watch it on tv. To our surprise one of our neighbors mentioned that we would be able to see the space shuttle a few blocks away- WHAT???? So we hopped in our golf cart and got to see the shuttle from 150 miles away. INSANE!!!!