As we were heading north for our epic summer adventure we knew one of our first stops had to be a ghost town.  The kids love creepy and strange places so we were off to Rhyolite!  As we rolled into this ghost town it always blows our minds to think this was at one point a bustling city.  To see what is left of these buildings is just crazy.  I think our favorite part of walking through the ghost town is seeing pictures of what it used to look like and envisioning life here over 100 years ago.  Mining for gold is what put this town on the map, it was populated with over 10,000 people and within a few years it became a ghost town.  There are many so towns like this that come and go and the remnants remain for us to walk through and take pics.  We love these little treasures.  Make sure you check out the video to see all the fun facts of this cool town.