If you haven’t heard of Worldschoolers you NEED to check it out!  When we were introduced to this I couldn’t believe it!!!!  I felt as if we had lived in a bubble for all of these years.  How did we not know about this???  I was envious of these families-I loved these families-I wanted us to be a Worldschooling family!  I had been following their Facebook page for a few months and was completely blown away by what these families were doing.  The children were exposed to so much, how can it not create beautiful individuals that appreciate the world and learn from it.  I wish I had been Worldschooled when I was a kid-jeez the what if’s are endless.

We knew one thing, this had our names written all over it and our children WILL be Worldschooled!  We had just gotten back from Thailand and saw they were having a family summit in Mexico-OMG we had to go to this!!!   But damn we just got back from Thailand and did not budget for another trip so soon.  We knew this was our future and there was no way we could miss this opportunity to meet other families and learn as much as we possibly could about EVERYTHING.  We booked the tickets and said we would figure it out later.  The energy was buzzing as all of the families started to arrive at the hotel, meeting Lainie and Miro felt like meeting celebrities lol We were a little nervous but it was such a friendly environment, we instantly made connections with other families.

We learned so much from the workshops, it was amazing to hear other parents have the same fears and insecurities about taking on your child’s education but on the flip side how empowering it was to take on your child’s education.  We walked away from that week a different family.  That experience changed our lives-literally!  It was game on when we got back to Vegas, we already knew this was the last year of school for the kids and felt so proud that we were taking this huge step for our family as whole.  While the kids were in school it never left any time for family time except Saturday and Sunday-that wasn’t enough.

I have said it so many times, it was seriously a rat race every day trying to get them to school, then pick them up, do homework, make dinner, bath time and bed.  How is this ok?  I felt like we battled them more than anything with no time for quality hang out time.  Ok back to family summit- a few days in we decided we needed to give back to this community and make a video that can show everyone what this is all about.  It was one of the most amazing weeks of our lives.  We gained the confidence and knowledge that we can do this.  There are so many milestones from this new journey and this was definitely one of them.  So this is an impromptu video and an intro to Worldschoolers!