This is RV Living! What could go wrong? I never want to ask that question however when you live in an RV and tow a car, there are things that can go wrong. As we traveled to the Northwest we were towing our car behind our RV- which we have done for thousands of miles without a hitch- UNTIL NOW! The straps on the tires are typically secure and don’t move but for some reason, on our last trip one strap fell off and freaked us out. It was literally bouncing on the side of the car and the metal bracket was banging on the passenger door UGH So this time we are being relentless with checking the tow straps. Well it struck again, once we arrived at the RV park at 10:30 at night Jimi noticed that the strap had fallen off again. WTH! Please check your straps religiously, to think what could have happened is terrifying! We have been living the full time RV travel lifer for 4 years now and love it! The minimalist life is so amazing, if you are interested in doing this we have other videos that go over how we transitioned form house life to RV life! Some people get scared of the small space with kids but we love it and find it perfect, unless we are traveling Internationally.