Siesta Key Beach was high on our list of must do things when we got to Sarasota Flordia! The first night that we arrived in Florida was perfect timing to watch the sunset.  We hightailed it to Siesta Key Beach and were blown away by the beauty. EPIC SUNSET! This day at the beach was filled with so much FUN! We finally met up with a friend that we met through Instagram a few years ago while in Bali. Her name is Fearless Jacey- she is a solo female traveler, it’s so fun watching her journey. Her goal now is to travel 48 states in 48 weeks-roughly lol You can follow her on Insta and YouTube @Fearless Jacey. Turns out we were both in Florida at the same time, so we knew we had to make it happen and finally meet in person. I love how social media can bring us all together even from across the world. Once we got on the sand and headed to our spot for the day we noticed right next to us was a couple of guys building the most amazing Sandcastle we have ever seen. To watch these artists at work was unbelievable, they were so cool to talk to.  They never seemed bothered by all of the people surrounding them, taking pictures, video and asking tons of questions- us included LOL  You will not want to miss what they did on the beach.  If you want to see more of their work you can check them out @The Sand Monkeys on Facebook and Instagram. Every Sunday at sunset there is a drum circle which made this day extra special, the last time we were at a drum circle was in Thailand and we all loved it. I think Skylar might’ve been the most excited because she knew she was going to be able to let go, be free and dance her little heart out. Not that she doesn’t do that on a typical day too haha We love talking to people everywhere we go, today we met a bunch of cool peeps, a guy named Jah-Kim on a @Onewheel that was so nice to share it with the kids, probably the coolest lifeguard in existence, ‘Scooter of the beach’, check him out on Facebook and so many awesome people at the drum circle. Now let’s talk about that drum circle, we brought our two bongos that we’ve had for years now and hardly ever play so we thought this was the perfect opportunity to break those bad boys out and have some fun. The drum circle was such a good time for everyone, the kids played jump rope, rocked out on lots of instruments, did the limbo, danced for hours and watched fireworks. Ryder had a ton of fun in light up rainbow wings that someone dressed him in.  I think the kids might agree or actually all of us, that this was one of our best days ever.  Even as low-key as it was.  If you are coming to Sarasota, Florida we highly recommend checking out Siesta Key Beach.  Oh and the sand is so powdery soft you feel like you’re walking on baby powder.  Score all around!!!