We were so excited to see these amazing little Tarsier Monkeys that we could have screamed, but if we screamed these little nocturnal creatures would get stressed. When they get stressed they have been known to commit suicide, so we had to be very quiet. Their brains are smaller than their eyes and they have the largest eyes (compared to the body size) of all mammals. Tarsiers are carnivorous animals and catch their prey by leaping from one branch to another. As we walked through the park they were very hard to spot, the only way you really knew where one was was by looking for the crowds of people checking them out and snapping photos. They are the cutest little creatures I have ever seen (besides kittens) they are nestled up and hugging the branches it was absolutley adorable. They even look like they are smiling at you- gaaahhhhhhhhh let my heart be still! We had a BLAST visiting these small wonders and it remains one of our highlights in the Philippines.