The Fort Lauderdale Boat Show was insane! We had a private tour of a $7 MILLION YACHT! We have never been around so much boat beauty in our lives. There weren’t any sailboats but that’s ok we were in awe of the boats that were there. We got to check out the expo with all the toys and fun stuff, the kids had a great time getting all of the goodies from the booths- we’re talking coasters, chapstick, key chains, swatches for flooring, beach balls- you would think they struck it rich lol they were swagged out! A fave amongst the toys was the Flightboard, we had an opportunity to test it out the next morning but unfortunately we were all too exhausted to get there for the 9am appt. Thanks Sean so much for the offer, we will definitely take a rain check on that one;) We heard the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show was super fun to check out and it didn’t disappoint. The Super Yacht was seriously ridiculous in the best way! I can tell you that the carpeting was the softest I have ever walked on LOL I am not kidding! The details, the luxurious feel of everything, the huge owners bedroom, the hot tub, the retractable roof on the upper deck- even the engine room was cool! I have to mention the weather- it was SOOOO HOT and HUMID- like seriously melting!!! So if you notice how sweaty we are-DON’T JUDGE haha