Traveling with our 3 children is amazing, fun, interesting, and OMG sometimes downright f’in HARD!  I am not going to lie, the reality is that they are still 4, 7 and 9 years old.  With that comes a lot of freak outs, not eating, lack of sleep, attitude and lots of potty stops.  Other than that it is great! trynsomethingnew 

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It is truly priceless to see the look on their little faces when they snorkeled for the first time and saw the beauty that lies underwater, saw the Presidents faces on the side of the mountain as we approached Mt. Rushmore, the excitement as they reached the top of Tiger cave in Thailand which was 1266 steps to the top, stood on the stage in the middle of the Coliseum as well as many other moments that they will never forget.  These are the things that help seal the deal and let us know that we are making the right choice.  They even let us know that they love this new journey by saying I want to go back to Thailand and I love traveling. I think the best thing that I have heard is from Nixon saying ‘by the time I’m 30 I want to have traveled around the whole world, my response-LET’S DO IT!!!!  

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That one nearly brought me to tears, I have to admit…  Though there are many difficult times while traveling with littles, the good definitely outweighs the bad.  Skylar is such a free spirit that this way of life completely suits her and her needs.  Sky is also known for her infamous pee pee dance.  This child will wait to the very last possible second until she is about to pee in her pants.  No matter how many times we tell her she will still wait until it’s too late.  So traveling with her can be quite challenging at times and leads to many public potty stops.  Ryder is our little prince, he does not like to walk long distances or short distances for that matter so he will usually end up on one of our backs or shoulders.8

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When we travel we have grand hopes for each day to be filled with adventures of a life time-the reality is we usually end up leaving the room at 2pm because it just seems to always take FOREVER to leave.  There always seems to be something that we forgot or we need to pack multiple snacks for each kid because for that day in particular Nixon will not eat whatever snack we have brought UGH the struggles are real people!!!!!  All in all we always seem to have fun no matter what the obstacle is and make great memories along the way.  We have learned to not stress too hard on the small things but appreciate the beautiful times we have with these kids.