Unschooling, Worldschooling, Homeschool- A day in the life of kids learning-NO DESKS REQUIRED! We decided to pull our kids out of school a few years ago to start our journey of Homeschool, Unschooling and Worldschooling. Depending where we are in our lives and travels we adapt in what we do with the kids. We attended a Stone Soup pop-up community in Bali where 30+ families spent 1 month together learning and getting to know each other. The kids had the most amazing opportunity to learn about Balinese people, culture, landscape, food-it was amazing! It wasn’t only the kiddos that learned and experienced a ton, all of the parents as well gained so much knowledge, friendships, experiences-priceless! Jimi and I were asked to head the video portion of the education curriculum which meant we were going to teach 15 kids ranging from 8-13 years old as much as possible in 1 months time. We went on field trips once a week around Bali to learn hands-on, nothing can beat that! It was an absolute honor to teach these kids-their passion for video was so refreshing and invigorating. This style of teaching and learning makes so much sense-sitting at a desk is so limiting and honestly for me was painfully boring. It is a no brainer that this is now the only option for us and our children. During the month we realized how little there is out there for kids and learning how to create videos- filming, editing, which gear to use-that we decided we will take on that challenge and create courses for kids to take their video skills to the next level. Whether kids are in school, homeschooling, unschooling or worldschooling, this will be an amazing opportunity to learn a ton! Please share this video with anyone that might be interested in an alternate way of learning:)