A Day in the Life in Bali / Visiting the Water Palace, Tirta Gangga | Family Travel Vlog Here is a day in the life in Bali! We visited the water Palace, Tirtta Gangga! We hopped on our scooters and after getting lost a few times we finally found it. When we travel we don’t typically do the touristy stuff but wanted to check this one out. A man asked us if we wanted a walking tour so we decided that would be a great way to get educated about what this place was all about. We had done some of our own research but its always fun to have a local explain the history too. Now the water palace is one of those instagram hot spots, there are so many pics of girls in beautiful dresses standing on the steps in the water so we thought hey this would be fun to try and reenact one of those. I brought my dress and half way through the day I changed to see if we could do it! Let me know what you think:) The kids had a great time there and also jumped into the pool to cool off. There were fish in the water so I think it kind of freaked them out lol The street that led to the entrance had a few photo ops with Flying Fox bats- of course the kids loved it. One of the bats actually flew down the street and came right back, we all got a kick out of that.