How did our South Africa adventure begin? Well we got a call to do a film on safari in one of the most amazing game reserves named Singeta. On this trip we did not bring the kids and flu Nana to her house to watch them while we were gone. We took a 20 hour flight to Johannesburg and when we got there we forgot to tell our bank, credit cards and phones that we were leaving the hemisphere. if you have seen any of our other travel videos we Kinda do that a lot LOL.

 Once we got to Johannesburg we had to take another hour and a half flight to the private game reserve on a tiny ass plane. 

Once we arrived at Singeta we were greeted by an amazing bunch of people who obviously loved what they did. Our guide for the next five days was this handsome and charming Spaniard name Ricardo who had a degree in biology and loved being in the Safari. 

After checking into our room, we discovered we had a private pool and a view river, we could not put our cameras down. We captured everything,  so much of everything that by the time we left we had over 700 gigs of footage to go thru.

As the sun begin to set on our first day we charged all of our batteries and got ready for a 5 AM wake up call. The next day we were going to explore one of the most epic places we have ever been to. Check out the next post to see what happens. Jimi