A few years ago we had a realization…. We wanted something-not sure what exactly it was at the time but something was brewing!  After digging deeper into what we wanted for our family we realized we wanted as much time with our kiddos as possible.  Everyone tells us to enjoy the kids while they are young because time flies and before we know it they will be adults.  At the time we started to follow a couple that was moving into an RV full time, their names are Jason and Nikki of Gone with The Wynns.  They are a cute couple that gave it all up to follow their passion.  We were intrigued by this and followed their journey.  A few years passed and we came across another family called Bumfuzzle, this crew was super cool and had 2 kids.



 This fam really resonated with us and we saw the potential for our family doing this.  Bumfuzzle was coming through Vegas so we hooked up with them and spent the night at the dry lake bed and got to know them a little better.  They were sooo cool, down to earth, sweet and full of inspiration.  Patrick had such a great message-try it!  If you don’t like it you can always go back to your old life!  Well that hit home with me and Jimi, we needed to hear that, yes it’s a big change but a great one.  

Before we knew it we were already starting the process of making the biggest CHANGE in our lives.  Traveling has always been a passion for Jimi and myself as well so it seemed natural to include that in our adventure.  We met a family that travels in their RV full time and did a short film about them-Bumfuzzle-they were a huge inspiration for us, we were able to see firsthand that this was doable and not only that it was AMAZING!!!!  Since we own our own film business we have super flexible schedules and work from home.