Homeschool, Unschooling and Worldschooling- Here is WHY we took our kids out of school! We struggled with the daily grind while our kids were in school, I am not gonna lie! We realized school is a one size fits all and that didn’t work out for our family. Our kids have different learning styles and to see your kid struggle is absolutley heartbreaking! I know all too well about that since that was pretty much the story of my life as a kid. If you are having a difficult time with your kiddos in school and can relate to our story please leave a message for us we would love to connect with you. We initially thought of homeschooling until we heard about unschooling and worldschooling -that blew our minds! You truly get to know what your kids are interested in and explore that with them. Traveling is also an amazing way to learn from the world and experience firsthand opposed to learning from books. That is Skylar’s favorite thing to say! Here’s the video we talked about- if you haven’t seen if you MUST! We were honored to have met Prince Ea at Vidcon last year- he was amazing and chatted with us for a while-so fun!  @Prince Ea  – ‘I sued the school system’