WorldTowning reached out to us after they saw the video we made for the Bumfuzzle family.  They were interested in us filming their family in France and telling their story.  After hearing what their journey had been it was a slam dunk!  We knew this clan was our kind of peeps.  They had been living our dream for 3 years already.  Living in a different country every year with 2 children.

These kind of projects is what makes our job so exciting.  We seriously love doing what we do-the bonus is meeting such amazing people along the way.  We flew to France a few months later to start production and instantly fell in love with The Suiero’s, they are hard not to love.   Jessica and Will are such free spirits and are so fun.  Their children Avalon and Largo are some of the most impressive kids we have ever met.  The experiences they have gained from traveling the world at such a young age and actually being immersed in other cultures was insane.  They speak 3 languages and were actually the translators for all of us adults while in France.  It was very humbling lol.
So this is where the magic happened-after our first day of hanging with them we went back to our place and were transformed!  We knew this had to be our life-a travel life!  I felt like a kid again, the pure excitement of what our life can and will be.  The rat race of our kids in school-the pick up-the drop off-the rushing home to do homework, squeeze in some fun here and there just wasn’t working for us anymore.

We were like a lot of other families that wanted more out of life but the timing never seemed right to make the jump.  Well, The Sueiro’s fixed that problem.  Jessica introduced me to a Facebook page called Worldschoolers, once Jimi and I checked that out my mind was blown.

There were sooooo many families living this life and we wanted in-NOW!  I would just scroll through all of the posts and pictures, I couldn’t believe that this community of people were out there.  Jessica was instrumental in this pivotal moment for our family.  When we got back to Vegas it was on.  We thank WorldTowning for asking us to tell their story which in turn changed our lives!

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